The Idea

The idea was born in New York in 1992, when Lynn Brooks founded the "Big Apple Greeters". Since then, Greeter groups have been formed in more than 130 cities and regions around the world, from Argentina to Vietnam. Learn more about Lynn Brooks and the story behind the Greeter idea.

All Greeter groups share the same basic values.

Greeter begrüßen Gäste ihrer Stadt/Region und begleiten sie auf einem zwei- bis dreistündigen, sehr persönlichen Rundgang abseits der üblichen Touristenpfade.
Greeter sind Freiwillige, die ihre Stadt/Region lieben und diese Liebe gerne mit ihren Gästen teilen.
Während eines Rundgangs wirst Du die Stadt zu Fuß oder mit öffentlichen Verkehrsmitteln erkunden. Ob Du eine Stadt zum ersten Mal besuchst oder regelmäßig, die Greeter freuen sich auf Dich.

Our Core Values

  1. Greeter arbeiten ehrenamtlich, sie bereiten all ihren Besuchern einen freundlichen Empfang.
  2. Greeters welcome individual guests or very small groups of up to 6 people. The focus is on the dialogue between greeter and guest.
  3. The walk with a greeter is free.
  4. All guests and volunteers are welcome without discrimination.
  5. The Greeterprograms support sustainable tourism. They respect the natural and social environment and promote the cultural development of local communities. Greeter promote the image of their home town / region.
  6. The Greeterprograms offer greeters and guests the opportunity for mutual cultural exchange. They help to build a better world by establishing contact from person to person.

Frequently Asked Questions (faq)

What is a Greet?

Our two to three hour walks are based on our and our guests' interests. We greeters volunteer and respond to the requests that we are in the mood for. We meet our guests at eye level and are also interested in their background. This is how guests can become friends.

Attention: A greet is not a city tour! A greet cannot be "booked"!

How much is a Greet?

The Greet is completely free. We are happy to get to know you and to show you our Wuppertal.

But we are very happy about donations (e.g. for flyers etc.) to our association account!

How to request a greet?

Via our request form you can ask for a greet.

As soon as we have found a suitable greeter, we will send you the contact details. From now on you and your greeter will have all the details in order to plan your joint walk.

If no greeter can meet your desired date, I'm afraid we'll have to send you a cancellation.

How do guest and Greeter get together?

As soon as we have found a suitable greeter, the guest will receive all necessary information (name, phone, email) to arrange the meeting in detail.

One copy goes to the Greeter. From this moment on, guest and Greeter are on their own.

How many people are in a group?

The maximum group size is 6 persons, because the greeters want to look after their guests individually and explore the city like with friends.

The guests always know each other, because we never combine Greet requests - not even when there are shortages.



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