Wuppertal Greeter are friends in Wuppertal of whom you knew nothing until now.

Greeter are not trained city guides, they are simply citizens. Some of us have lived here all life long, others only a few years. There are no fixed routes, but different ways and means to get to know Wuppertal.

Get involved in our view of the city, far away from a typical sightseeing tour and feel like a Wuppertaler for a few hours. Click here to go directly to the inquiry form.

Greeter welcome guests to their town and take them on an individual walk.


The Wuppertal Greeter offer free tours for individuals and small groups (up to six people). We would be happy to plan the tour according to your interests or to surprise you and just start showing you around. We accompany you to the tourist attractions or show you the Wuppertal off the beaten track. We love our city and give you an insight into life in Wuppertal - completely free of charge, as is customary among friends.


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