Wuppertal is one of the greenest cities in Germany. More than a third of its total area (57.35 square kilometers, 34 percent) consists of parks, gardens and forests as well as agricultural land. Beautification associations, which in the 19th century secured large areas of forest still preserved today and created forest parks and landscaped gardens, were responsible for the numerous recreational areas.


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The Hardt complex was named after the Hardtberg, which is a large forested hill. The Hardt is located in the city center of Wuppertal and is one of the oldest city parks in Germany. The two historic lookout towers, the Elisen and the Bismarck tower, are the icons that define the image of the Hardt complex. The Villa Eller and Orangery can also be found in the park.

Barmer Anlagen

Barmer Anlagen

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Wuppertal is home to the second largest private recreation park in Germany, named the Barmer Anlagen. The park was designed in 1864 and is located in the Barmen district. The park extends over 100 hectares and has numerous meadows, ponds and forests.

In addition, the 26.25m tall Toelleturm, which is 330m above sea level, is another great attraction from which you have a wonderful view over the “Bergisches Land”.

The Vorwerk Park

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The former private park of the Vorwerk family was built at the beginning of the 20th century and borders on the Barmer Anlagen. The park is characterized by its magnificent rhododendrons, the numerous ponds and the wonderful view over the Murmelbach valley. Today it is used as a public park in Barmen District.


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This park, which is also located in Barmen, is characterized by its two special sights. The first is a beautiful game reserve and the other is a unique skywalk. In the game reserve it is possible for visitors to observe and feed game and the Skywalk is a 7m high, 16.5m long viewing platform that protrudes from the forest and offers a wonderful view over Barmen.

Mirker Hain

Mirker Hain

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Unlike the previous parks, the Mirker Hain is a forest but has a similar structure to a park. It is a focal point for families and children thanks to its two playgrounds. Plus, a walk through the 20-hectare area is always worthwhile to escape everyday stress.


In the south of Elberfeld lies the Heydt'sche Parkanlage with its 3.2 hectares of green space. In addition to an extensive meadow and a small forest, you will also find a children's playground and a pavilion. Whether walking, sports, or just relaxing in the meadow - the park offers some possibilities for every mood.

Deweerth’scher Garten

The small city park, located at the western end of the "Luisenviertel," is bustling with colorful life. In good weather, the people of Elberfeld cavort between cafés and sandboxes, a boules court, and a memorial to the victims of National Socialism in the park. The park has belonged to the de Weerth family since 1802. This is commemorated by the private "Villa Frowein", which for a time housed the Wuppertal Music Academy/Bergische Musikschule. A monument of five fountain columns, with water flowing down into a paved trough, delights especially the children in summer.

Skulpturenpark Waldfrieden

Amid an idyllic wooded area on the southern heights between Wuppertal's city centers of Elberfeld and Barmen lies the Waldfrieden Sculpture Park. Old deciduous trees line the long twisting road that leads to the park grounds. Even on the dams of the driveway, visitors discover individual sculptures by the renowned sculptor and art professor Tony Cragg, who acquired the property with the villa of the former paint factory owner Dr. Kurt Herberts in 2006. On the 14-hectare site, the Briton exhibits a steadily growing collection of sculptures, including his sculptures and works by many renowned modern and contemporary artists.

The Flügelhügel


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The Flügelhügel is a wonderful vantage point on the University campus Grifflenberg. From this vantage point you can look directly into the valley.


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