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Let a friendly, knowledgeable local give you an insider's orientation to Wuppertal. The guided tour takes normally 2-3 hours. Of course, we can show you the highlights of the city, but maybe you will enjoy discovering the hidden treasures of the city and hear a personal story from your greeter? The Wuppertal Greeter Service is a free offer for all visitors of the city. We are looking forward to seeing you!

City districts and Quarters

With 8 city districts and 69 quarters, there is much to discover in Wuppertal. We present some of them to you as examples.


As one of the greenest cities in Germany, Wuppertal naturally has numerous parks that extend over large areas.

Going-out in Wuppertal

There are many ways to do this. One of them is the Luisenviertel not far from the city centre in Elberfeld. During the day, small cafés, restaurants and shops open their doors.

Schwebebahn and more sights

The most famous sight of Wuppertal is the so called Schwebebahn, an overhead railway. But there are many more treasures to discover in Wuppertal.

Offers and city maps

Wuppertal Marketing GmbH provides you with free plans to explore the city, in addition to the greet.

Greeter Team Wuppertal

Now we would like to introduce some of our Wuppertal Greeter to you. We are currently looking for new greeters to support our team. Love Wuppertal? Do you enjoy showing visitors around your city/district? Share your expertise with visitors from all over the world! Learn more how to become a Greeter now.


Organization / Greeter

Fascinated by the great viewpoints of this green big city.




Für mich beschreibt Pina Bausch „Wuppertal“ mit ihrem Zitat am besten: „Ich glaube an die Kraft der Fantasie: Wenn ich will, dass die Sonne scheint, lasse ich sie einfach aufgehen - auch in Wuppertal“.



"All along" Barmer. I also witnessed the reconstruction after WWII. Special preferences are the parks in my beautiful city, the views from the Nordbahntrasse and historical highlights in my district.


Social Media / Greeter

Wuppertal is very special because of its numerous mountains. Everywhere there are interesting corners to discover. Furthermore, many people here are very dedicated to brighten up the city and make it even more worth living, for example on the Nordbahntrasse.

What guests say

Gäste aus Freiburg

Gisela und Walther, Ulrike und Günther


Although we had really bad luck with the weather. A piece of luck was our Greet with Gudrun yesterday in Wuppertal!

Nach einem kurzen Rundgang im Zentrum, bestiegen wir die Schwebebahn und setzten so unsere Stadtbesichtigung fort.

Für uns ein eindrucksvolles Erlebnis, dieses Fortbewegungsmittel. Als waschechte „Wuppertalerin“ erwies sich Gudrun als kompetente Stadtführerin und brachte uns ihre Stadt nahe.

So we learned a lot about this young city, its origins and industrial history. A stop at the extraordinary church cafe ended the greet. Gladly again with better weather and with other places to go!

Gisela, Walther, Ulrike and Günther from Freiburg.



Bielefeld and Chicago

Jamil’s last greet had visitors from Chicago and Bielefeld. Jamil: "The tour went through the Briller Quarter (Briller Quarter) and the Luisen Quarter (Luisenviertel). After a lunch in the restaurant Katzengold, we rode on the suspension railway to explore Wuppertal from above. It was a nice Sunday Greet that passed much too quickly. "

Laurent und Carolina

Laurent and Carolina

Strasbourg and Valencia

We had a great time in Wuppertal. We owe this in large part to Ulli, our very friendly Greeter. As an old hand, Ulli showed us the overlooked corners in Wuppertal, where he told us lots of details and interesting Stories. The suspension railway is a great means of transport to explore and to see some wonderful views of the city. We will definitely come to Wuppertal again. Laurent & Carolina "




Hello, we really enjoyed the visit. The last time I was in Elberfeld was 40 years ago and now I was more than pleasantly surprised. Elberfeld is chic, young and lively. So much better than its reputation. And our greeter managed to prove this to us with a lot of enthusiasm. Our conclusion DEFINITELY AGAIN. Kind regards Stefanie




Hello Meieli, we found the Greet with you very nice. However, we were all somewhat exhausted at the end and were happy when we were on our way home after dinner. The city itself did not impress my colleagues but your personality and the beautiful corners were very well received. Personaly, it was very nice to see a few unknown corners. Since I won't be moving away anytime soon, I would like to make friends with Wuppertal and further explore its charm. Thank you for showing us your Elberfeld so enthusiastically. Many greetings Catharina

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